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Age Group

17 2002 2003 2019

Under 18

Youth previously, are easy comprehension and knowledge, a born 2000 a category closest to the first team, reserve team, made up of 25 players from the highly skilled, and play a league, and time of the game 90 minutes, with 11 players on the pitch, and 7 players reserves 5 of them are substitutions during the match, according to the Football Association Rules.

15 2004 2019

Under 16

This category defines the category of young formerly It is also considered an age group is very critical and that to meaningfully changes insular in personal and that its  in the middle of the transition from the  childhood to youth and consists this category on born in 2002/2003 and contains 25 players and play a league with 90 minutes for them to the match, 11 players participates on the pitch and 7 reserve and only 5  players substitutions of them during the match in accordance of the Football Association Rules.

14 2005 2019

Under 15

This category known as the "juniors" previously they are born in 2004 and is the beginning of the formation of personality, where accompanied psychological changes, category characterized by strong will, and is always motivated to victories.
Game time for this category 70 minutes and substitutions are 7 players.

13 2006 2019

Under 14

Category under 14 years old are different from other age groups for football, which was born in 2005, known as the "hope" previously, and play within the age groups League, and to constitute the transition from buds to higher categories, characterized power big efforts players to play, and its ambition accessing to the top age.
Game time for this category is 70 minutes, and the substitutions are 7 players.

Under 13

Category under 13 years old, is considered one of the most important age groups (born 2006), an interval Actual buds and young, were separated by Football Association, and organized League particular for them, starting from the current season, and matches consists of 60 minutes, and 11 players participating in the match, and 7 players substitutions already 25 players of the category, according of the Football Association Rules.