Coach Sabri Lamouchi returned the team's loss today against Al Shorta Iraqi team to losing the players focus inside the stadium , and the coach said in the press conference after the end of the match: " It was clear from the beginning of the match that the players were not fully focused, which resulted in the early goal we recieved which made us suffer throughout the first half, which ended with the progress of Al Shorta team, and in the second half we tried to return and we succeeded in that, but the performance was not as required and we did not presnet the performance we presented in our previous matches and we retreated in the attack side clearly, and we should not put excuses, but we have to accept this loss and work to avoid it in our next match against Al Ahly "

And the coach said : " So far we are in the competition and we have not lost the opportunity to qualify for the next league, but we have to deal with the mistakes of today's match and return the players to their physical, technical and psychological state in order to play our last match, which will not be easy, and if we played it in the same way as today's match Undoubtedly, we will lose, but i am confident that Al Duhail players have a lot and that what happened today cannot be repeated in the next match "