The team's player Mohamed Moussa described the team’s victory this evening over the Al Gharafa team in the semi-finals of Qatar Cup with the difficult , and Moussa said in a statement after the end of the match:" Thank God for the victory that we succeeded in achieving this evening against Al Gharafa after a difficult, strong and exciting match "

Moussa said: " The match was difficult and we were affected by the continuous matches that we had in the past period, but the players were on time and succeeded in achieving victory in this match and I think that our determination to win was clear throughout the match " .

Moussa said : " Al Gharafa is a big team and its players played a big match that deserves thanks, but our desire to achieve victory was stronger and we succeeded in adjusting the result after we were late with a goal and we also managed to score the second goal and keep it until the end of the match ".