Team's player Ali Afif is one of the few names that succeeded in obtaining all the coronations available locally and continentally through his participation with Al Sadd and Al Duhail clubs, where Ali won with these teams the league titles, Amir Cup, Crown Prince Cup, Sheikh Jassim Cup, and not only that, but he won with Al Sadd the AFC Champions League title and won the third place in the Clubs World Cup , and with Al Duhail, he achieved all the local titles and appeared with him for the second time in the Clubs World Cup, but he won the biggest title in his career with the national team when he was crowned with the AFC Champions league title and appeared with the national team in Copa America."

Afif returned all these successes to the success that accompanied him in his career, and he said: " All of these coronations are the product of effort and a great work that began since I joined at the beginning of my career in Al Gharafa club in the age groups and from it I moved to Al Marakhiya Club, and then my move to Al Sadd Club, amid great interest among those in charge of the matter of these clubs at that time, especially captain Fahd Thani and Saeed Al Misnad, the former president of Al Marakhiya club Mubarak Al Nuaimi and the current president Ali Al Musifri, as well as the follow up and support of my father who is considered my first coach, but I must thank the administration of the Football Association and the management of Al Sadd and Al Duhail clubs "

Regarding his most beautiful achievements, Ali said: :" I have succeeded in obtaining all possible coronations locally and continentally , but the coronation of the Asian champions with the national team remains the great achievement for me , after that, the coronation of the Asian Champions League title with Al-Sadd, as well as the third place of the Clubs World Cup, which is very important for us in the Gulf region "

Afif continued by :" There are seasons that I have performed that I cannot forget because they have a special impact on me, starting from season 2007 when I was a player of Al Sadd , and also in 2011 season when I succeeded in crowning Al Sadd with the AFC Champions League title and the bronze of the clubs World Cup , and in season 2018 with Al Duhail Club, when we succeeded in achieving the exciting triple in which we presented ourselves as required and finished the season without defeat, and also this season we registered a distinguished participation in the AFC Champions League and we succeeded to be the second Asian team that completes the group stage matches and the round of 16 Without a loss or a draw, but as I said, the biggest coronation remains, and the best season is 2019 when we won the AFC Championship and I was one of the elderly players in the national team squad, and to my beside me was my younger brother Akram, which is what we can call generational communication, especially since I am ten years older" .

Afif described himself as the lucky one and said: " Our start was not easy like the current generations that went out and found a large edifice in front of them, which is the Aspire Academy , in our days things were going very hard, but thank God I was lucky and i succeeded in walking on the road until I arrived and the graduates of Aspire School became my teammates and in the national team and this It is a very good thing and it makes me lucky to see all these generations of football players in Qatar "

Afif expressed his happiness with the number of coronations he won and said: " In my football career so far, I have succeeded in crowning with 26 different championships other than local or continental, and I am still aspiring to more coronations in the coming years until I set a record in this matter " .

Afif said:" Age is just a number, and we can give an example locally, and it is the player Tabata who succeeded, despite his advanced age and reaching the age of forty, he succeeded in presenting himself in a very distinctive way, especially as he came from Al Rayyan Club to Al Sadd Club and continued his journey of brilliance and excellence in matches "

And about his secret of being fit , Afif said: " This matter is due to my adherence to the healthy habits that my mother has brought me up with and the care that she gives me so far, the secret is also in honey, because I always eat it as it is nutritious and gives the body good energy "

Regarding his participation in the World Cup, the player said: " I hope that the chapters of my successes will be complete in participating with the national team in the World Cup and give me the honor to represent the country in this great championship.I represented the national team in the Gulf Cup, in West Asia, in the Asian Cup and in the Copa America, and I am missing nothing but to appear in the World Cup, which requires confidence in my abilities from the technical staff of the team in order to give me the opportunity that makes me one of the options for the coach of the national team, Sanchez "