Al Duhail team lost this evening against Al Ahly Egyptian team by 1-0 in the match that was held in the second round of the clubs world cups , which was held on the Education city stadium at 8:30pm and with this result Al Duhail will face Ulsan Hyundai team next Sunday at 6pm on Al Rayyan stadium in the match for determining the fifth and sixth places in the championship .

The match only goal was scored by Al Ahly striker Hussein Al Shahat in the 30th minute .

In the second half , the team succeeded in adjusting its positions and started making attacks searching for the equalizer goal , and wasted many opportunities the most prominent were by Mohamed Muntari and Edmilson Da Silva , and the pressure from our team continued until the end of the match with the victory of Al Ahly by 1-0 .

Match Report :

Time : Thursday 4th Frbruary 2021
Stadium : Education city stadium
Event : Match in the second round of the clubs world cup
Teams : Al Duhail- Al Ahly Egypt
First half : 1-0 Al Ahly
Match Result : 1-0 AL Ahly
Goals : Hussein Al Shahat (30)
Warnings : Mehdi Benatia
Expulsion :none
Team list : Salah Zakaria , Sultan Al Brake , Ahmed Yasser ( Ismail Mohamed ) , Mehdi Benatia , Mohamed Moussa , Bassam Al Rawi ( Al Moez Ali ) , Karim Boudiaf , Ali Karimi ( Luiz Martin ) , Edmilson Da Silva , Eduardu Dudu , Michael Ulunga ( Mohamed Muntari ) .
Alternatives : Mohamed Al Bakry , Khalifa Abu Bakr , Ali Malallah , Ismail Mohamed , Luiz Martin , Mubarak Al Bakhait , Abdullah Al Ahrak , Al Moez Ali , Ali Afif , Khaled Mohamed , Assem Madibo , Mohamed Muntari .