Coach Walid Regragui expressed his trust in the team's ability in returning to victories again in Al Khor Confrontation , and the coach said in the press conference that was held this evening in the press conference hall in the club :" We have to achieve victory in our next confrontation against Al Khor on Friday , and we wish to remain in a good spirit as we were in all the matches and especially our last match against Al Sadd although we lost in it "

The coach said : " I am happy with the performance of the players against Al Sadd and i wish we continue on the same level and the same dynamic inside the stadium , and we know that Al Khor will enter the stadium to achieve victory and the three points "

The coach continued by : " The match against Al Khor will not be easy but the advantage that we have is that we still control our fate and we must win in the two upcoming matches in order to win the league , and this is what i spoke with the players , and we will play in the matches separately and we will think about the next meeting only after the end of Al Khor match "

And about the team's preparations for this match , the coach said : " We knew well that after Al Gharafa's match we had 3 matches and we have to win two matches and now we lost a match and two matches are remaining for us and we have to win in them and achieve the title , and we trust our abilities and our task is clear now and we have to succeed in it , and the beginning will be with our match against Al Khor on Friday "

Regragui said : " After the loss of Al Sadd the players were upset after they presented good level but they lost the result , in the first half the performance was average , but in the second half the performance was good and we deserved the draw but this is football and we congratulate Al Sadd team with this victory , although we captured the ball in this match and we have to play with a faster pace against Al Khor , and we will play the match like we are playing in a final match , the players are motivated and they know what they have to do in the match and their effort will be doubled to achieve victory "

And about the absences in the team , the coach said : " Madibo suffered injury yesterday and he will not be present with the team in this match , and the number of our injured players has increased , but we are not looking for excuses and i trust the currently present players , and we will not hide behind execuses and we have to work to achieve victory and we have the alternative players who are able to do this task like Boudiaf , Louis Martin and Abdullah Abdel Salam , but they are good and young players despite the absences and injuries the team has to win as we are Al Duhail team , and this is what i said the first day i contracted with the club , and despite all these problems we will win the title and it will be a deserved coronation ".