From a team crowned with all local titles and holder of a record in the AFC Champions league without any loss in 9 consecutive matches , Al Duhail has transformed overnight into a team haunted by injuries that aways each time one of the key players , and this led the fans to be afraid fom the team's jounrney locally and Asian but the hard work from everyone made Al Duhail proves to everyone that it is one of the toughest teams .

Mr Khalifa Khamis began his speech by evaluating the team this season , he said : " For us in the club management in this season , for the circumstances the team had this season , the management is satisfied about the team despite that all the circumstances that we faced were the worse since the establishment of the club in 2009 , but Al Duhail was able to prove it self as it is in the second place of the league , and reached the final of the Amir cup and was crowned with its title , and reaches the second round of the AFC Champions league '

And about the coronation of the team with the Amir cup , Al Sulaiti said " Thank God on ending the season with this great victory , and we dedicate this achievement to his highness sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Thani , and our coronation with this title made the season end in a perfect way despite the tough circumstances , but Al Duhail players were up to responsibility and i want to thank the coach who was able to add many things to the team in 4 months and now the team needs rest after a long and tough season , but it is good to end the season and we are crowned with the Amir Cup "

Al Sulaiti said : " The psychological side and the preparation of the players made Al Duhail win in the Amir cup , and everyone saw Al Duhail in the second half when it was performing like it is with full ranks , and this proves that Al Duhail have a great coach that succeded despite the shortage in the number of players "

Al Sulaiti continued his speech about the circumstances in the team , he said : " Many circumstances have passed with the first team and the first was changing the coaching staff which is a step that is rarely found in the club , and there was also a change in a number of our professional players , as the team suffered many injuries since the beginning of the season beginning from Karim Boudiaf in the Super match and was absent for a month and half , and after him there was Ismael who ended early his season in the team's first match in the league , and there is also the injury of Al Moez Ali who was absent for two months , Assem Madibo , Louis Martin , Sultan Al Brake , Claude Amine , Youssef El Arabi who suffered injury in Esteghlal match , and this means that we suffered many injuries and finally the injury of Bassam Al Rawi and despite all that we succeeded in reaching the second place of the league and kept the Amir cup title "

We asked Mr/Khalifa about coach Rui Faria , he said :" I think that the management is completely satisfied about the coaching staff and coach Rui Faria and he is one of the best coaches in the club and he has great experience , but the current coaching staff have a new strategy and this needs time from the players to understand the new strategy , and Faria succeeded in returning a lot of Al Duhail known strength despite the many injuries that we faced "

And about the negative effect of joinning a large number of the team players to the national team camp which will participate in Copa America , Khalifa said : " Joinning our players to the national team will not have a negative effect and our players are the national team players and they will experience in the upcoming period new experiences and when they will return they will be in their best status "

And about the two professionals Shoya Nakajima and Mehdi Benatia , Al Sulaiti said : " Both players have good levels and very good reputation , as everyone know Mehdi Benatia who have great journey with the European clubs , and also Nakajima is one of the name that his national team will rely on in the upcoming period "

And about the team's final match against Al Hilal Saudi team in the AFC Champions league which ended with the draw , Khalifa said : " Al Duhail enters each match searching for victory , and despite that the team was able to qualify before the end of its matches in the group , but Al Duhail was ablr to present very good performance despite the absences that appeared in the team's list , but the fighting spirit was present and Al Duhail succeeded in ending the match with draw which is a satisfying result for us "

Khalifa Khamis expressed his relief with the achievement the age group and the U 23 yrs team achieved , and he said : " The interest of the club with the age group is very important for us , and any club that does not take care of the age group can not achieve success , and we have to thank coach Madjid Bougherra , and also thank Salem Al Marri head of the age group sector on the big effort achieved and the big success achieved in the age group group and the championships "

Al Sulaiti said : " Al Duhail always helped all the clubs that needed i , and so you always see our players in most of the league clubs , and i think that this is very usefull for any player "


And about the return of the previous team leader Youssef Msakni who is now with Eupen Belgium team , Al Saulaiti said : " Msakni is one of Al Duhail sons and he is a special player and we have good relation with him , and now he is in the Belgium league on loan , and his return is up to the coaching staff and we will stay with coach Rui Faria to evaluate the work in the upcoming period , and if the coaching staff saw the need of the player , he will join the team in the upcoming period "