A special season for Al Duhail club and the first football team , where it was able to win three championships for the first time in its history since its rise to the stars league , where the team succeeded in keeping the league title , and won Qatar Cup title after they won over Al Sadd in the finals , and won the Emir Cup after they won over Al Rayyan club in the finals .

Al Duhail also succeeded in winning the league without a loss and was able to end a complete season with internal and external matches without a loss , where the team played 35 matches and won in 32 and tied in only 3 matches .

The club vice president Khalifa Khamis Al Sulaiti was behind all these achievements , who was present daily in the club supporting his players .

Al Sulaiti asserted that the success of Al Duhail is because of the big ambitions of everyone inside the club which made them work hard every day so that Al Duhail is always in the top place .

Khalifa Khamis Al Sulaiti deserve the congratulation from all the club fans , and deserve respect because his continuous presence and the big effort he always make to keep Al Duhail in the top place of Qatar clubs ,, as reaching the top was difficult but the most difficult is keeping it .