For the fourth time in his history coach Djamel Belmadi is crowned with Al Duhail team which is a hard nomber to repeat specially that coach Belmadi is cpnsidered a young name in the history of training and began his training journey when Al Duhail rised to the stars league under the name of ( Lekhwiya ) ,,and the team succeeded in winning the league title after he presented him self in a good way .

In the next season Belmadu succeeded in keeping the league title after Lekhwiya continued presenting it self in the perfect way but it was not able to continue in the rest of the championships .

Belmadi is one of the special faces in the world of training , as the young coach was able to win with the national team the title of East Asia championship , and after it was crowned with the Gulf Cup title with the national team for the first time when Qatar national team was able to win over Saudi national team by 2-1 .

And after the return of Belmadi to Al Duhail again he succeeded in winning the league title and keeping it and this season he added Qatar Cup title and the Emir Cup title , and the football federation gave him the award of the best coach of the season , after the coach waited it for many years , and everyone who knows coach Djamel Belmadi knows that this coronation will give him a big motivation to keep his shinning and the shinning of the team in the next season .