Since Al Duhail announced its presence in the clubs of the stars league with the name of (Lekhwiya ) at this time appeared with the team two names in the middle of the stadium they are Karim Boudiaf and Louis Martin they are young but old in experience .

But what happened in that season was a miracle as the team that announced its rise to the stars league every victory it achieved put it closer to the championship title which it succeeded in achieving in the first season in the middle of the league clubs and kept it in the second season .

The good performance of Boudiaf and Louis continued and they became one of the important cards that can not be outside the counts of any coach that train Al Duhail .

Over time the two players gain the necessary experience , Boudiaf and Louis became a big part of Al Duhail strength and when they are present inside the stadium and are in all the physical and mental fitness Al Duhail shape is very different .

Everyone remember the movement of Louis in the finals of Qatar cup against Al Rayyan and how he was present in all places , and also the special goal of Karim Boudiaf drew in outside of the penalty area .