The first team player Al Moez Ali did not waste the chance coach Djamel Belmadi gave to him when he included to the first team list and became one of the winning cards that the coach relied on .

The shining of Al Moez did not stop in Al Duhail but moved with him to the Olympic national team where he succeeded with his teammates in the coronation with the Bronze medal of the Asian nations cup for the olympic national teams , and Al Moez succeeded in the coronation with the championship scorer title after he presented very special levels like he succeeded before in the coronation with the U 17 yrs team with the Asian nations cup and reached New Zealand Mondial in 2015 .

The matches with Al Duhail and with the national team gave Al Moez what he searched for , where it gave him the required experiences and became one of the winning cards inside the stadium and this appeared after the injury of the star Youssef Msakni where coach Djamel Belmadi relied on him in the left side , and this increased his shining and he scored a goal in the Emir Cup semi-finals and Al Duhail reached the finals and then won the title .

Al Moez is infront of a new challenge in the beginning of the new season specially that Al Duhail is waiting an important confrontation in the quarter-finals of the AFC champions league against Persepolis and Al Moez will be one of the important cards that the coaching staff will rely on to reach the semi-finals .