The team medicoordinator Mohammed Bashir Al Sulaiti said that the journey to the tile was full of exhausion and hard work , and Al Sulaiti said after the coronation of the first team with Qatar Cupt title for the second time in its history : " Thank God on this coronation and this great achievements achieved and this is a precious coronation on us " .

Al Sulaiti : " The coronation with the title was not easy as the team worked hard from the end of our match against Al Gharafa , where the coaching staff did not give the players rest but there was continuous trainings and preparations for the players for this confrontation which everyone wanted to cross "

Al Sulaiti : " Many people decreased from Al Duhail ability to win the title because of the absence of the player Youssef Msakni , but the players proved themselves inside the stadium and everyone were keen on dedicating the title to their teammate and the team leader Youssef Msakni , and this prove that Al Duhail like Belmadi said owns many cards that can play with it in its matches " .