A new challenge is waiting Al Duhail team when we will face tomorrow's evening Umm Salal team in the 17th round of the league , and the press conference about the match was held this evening at 5:15pm in the press conferences hall in the clun in which coach Djamel Belmadi spoke about the confrontation and described it with the difficult and important .

Belmadi said in his speech to the media : " Tomorrow we have a difficult match in the league against Umm Salal team and this competition is different from the champions league , and we did not have enough time to prepare the players after the end of their Asian match , but they have to switch quickly to another difficult match because i know that we will face a fierce and stubborn opponent ".

Belmadi continued by : " We have to win in the upcoming matches and the league is still in the stadium as the differnce in points between us and Al Sadd is little , and certainly this time will be difficult on all the clubs and the competition between them will be strong , and i trust all the players and despite the difficulty of the task but we will continue walking in the way of victories " .

Belmadi concluded by : " Everyone should find its opportunity to appear with the team , and despite the strong physical performance the players appeared with in their Asian match and the big effort they did we have to be very focused and the recovery have to be fast so that the team can present the required performance from it in the stadium and keep its top place in the league " .