Coach Djamel Belmadi asserted that his team deserved the victory in today's match against Zob Ahan Iranian team in the beginning of the team matches in the group league of the AFC Champions League .

Belmadi said in the press conference after the match : " I congratulate the players of my team on the performance of a very good match despite that the oponnent was not easy and we knew that we will face a strong team which is in the second place of the league in its country and it present different football , and thus dealing with the match was very difficult and this caused the back in our performance in the first half , but in the second half we were able to return again and presented the awaited performance from us " .

Belmadi continued by : " I think that everyone performed a good match and we can say that Ali Afif came out injured because of the fatigue of the continous participation and we did not get used to a team to press on us in our stadium , but we had to adapt to this match and get out of the pressure , and there is also Mohamed Moussa who has succeded in dealing with tall attackers and the high ball has been a big challenge for him , but he succeeded in this and there were also the young players Bassam Al Rawy and Sultan Al Barik who did not participate a lot with the first team this season ".

Belmadi added :" I said before that we lost twice against this team two years ago and today and we have to concentrate in the upcoming matches as the journey is still long , and we have to increase our focus , and the matches have to build the main list and also the alternatives and including Ismael Mohamed was good , and there is also Al Moez who presented a good match , and in the end i congratulate the team's players and i wish the team continue in a good way in the championship in the upcoming matches " .